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February 22, 2006



Oh my god the cuteness! His little baby robot walk! Oh crap, now I'm lactating...


har mignon!! oh crap, now I'M peeing my pants!


you didn't mean to be coy? since when?

beacon is so cute! i can't wait to visit! what color are you going to paint my room?


gawd, could he be any cuter!!!!??? he is all business, making the move. i am going to eat him up so'z there's nothing left...urp!


Oh my gosh, he's cute! Can't believe you're leaving Brooklyn. Seems like everyone's moving.


First of all, I thought you weren't getting any sleep anyway? Second, how cute is that movie? I need to see that kid in person pronto! Third, much congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more details!!!


Not everyone, wordgirl, just the cool kids. Ha! oh man i crack myself up. I'm glad that you all think the movie is as cute as I do. I keep replaying it and giggling at the end. God, i need to get a life.

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