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January 27, 2006


carol m

i missed de-lurking week, but here is a belated comment, my dear sparling prose goddess! thanks for the stories + photos, they are a real pleasure! xo -carol


Yes! Something has always been vaguely unsettling about the Oprah Book Club to me. I admit to being a literature snob at heart, and her mass market approach to marketing and selling books seems seedy. It's like I've found a great little bistro, then the Times does a piece on it and suddenly the line's around the block on Sunday mornings, and then the bistro food goes downhill because they can't keep up with the crush. She's created a monster market that devours and shreds books, and publishers are doing their best to feed this monster with whatever they can find.


I'm with you! Funny...I posted about this yesterday and we're of the same mine. Come by for a look. I enjoy your site.


Of the same MIND. Sorry.


Send this to Oprah.


Karen - i can't send it to Oprah - she will have me hunted down and her flunkies will force me to wear a hairshirt while flagellating myself with back copies of "O" and genuflecting to a big poster of dr. phil. I'm scared.

Thanks for the comments all!

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