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January 14, 2006



I'm delurking. By the way, you never had tantrums at 13 months, unless we count the time you sat in your high chair screaming for one solid hour while your father waited and read Zap Comix. Or was that at 8 months

Mrs. Harridan

Does Chris Klein have a nipple piercing? Hope your rough week improves. :)


I don't know Mrs. Harridan, but if he does I may just have to let mine close up in protest.


Ha! I was just complaining to my mom about my 4-yr-olds defiant behaviour, and she said I never did that either. LetterB's Mom, this makes it sound like it's either our bad parenting or we just have exceptionally bad kids. And Lowell is obviously not an exceptionally bad kid (aside from the devil face above)! ;)


Of course you're not bad parents and of course Lowell is not only not bad, he's perfect. As was his mother.


Notice mom is ignoring the nipple piercing part of this thread... Thanks for the love.


mom's just rising above.


you pierced your nipple!?!?!?


unfortunately, it's a good thing when your child acts out. lowell behaves the worst for you and matthew because he knows that it is safe, that you will love him no matter how rotten he is, because your love for him is unconditional. it means that you (and you, mignon) are doing a good job:) yay!

(sometimes that knowledge is the only thing that keeps me from plugging my boys into the tv, grabbing cherry sue and driving off into the sunset in my volkswagen escape pod...)

Amy C

Still reading - and lurking!


and when she says "her boys" that includes me....another episode of 24 is on tonight...she should make a break for it ;-)


I've never thought of the reasoning for acting out in the way you describe it but you're so right kara! I think I'll start calling you yoda.

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