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December 01, 2005



*sniff* those boys make me so dang proud! *wipes tear*


flippin hilarious!! i'm still reading and loving it...


oh my gid!!! that is halarious!! living in central florida, i can totally relate to jesusland...unfortunately.

crazy uncle kev

Harumph....Harumphhh!!!! Now listen here Missy....it is not JUST your sister raising those little heathens.... thank you very much!! There goes your BudhiChristChanukrastamas Present from me this year.


I stand corrected kev! Absolutely - you guys are a paragon of lapsed Catholic parenting. I learn much from you, senseis.


ok your back on the present list.....so do you prefer ganga infused goose soup (with gratitude to the goose, ganga, and any other vegetable hurt in the making of course) or just the plain ol block of salt to lick for the BudhiChristChanukrastamas celebration?


oooh! oooh! block of salt! block of salt!

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