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December 06, 2005


*snort* oh man that is some funny shit! so if my boys start smoking in the future can i sue Harper Collins for printing the photo in the first place? it'll be all their fault obviously...


who's chris klein?


i'm joking! i'm joking! i know who he is (now...) (thank you check-out girls at the wrightsville beach harris teeter). katie had donuts under dawsons creek marina. she's the douchebag. (sorry check-out girls at the w'ville beach harris teeter).


oh. my. god. i just read the chris klein article. i had no idea. ug. i feel ill. katie obviously has some serious issues if she would date either one of those douches. ug. now i hate all 3 of them.


douche is such an apt word for both chris and tom. i had a dream i was talking about tom, saying he had gone off the deep end and is insane, only to find him next to me when i said that! funny i come and read this today after that! ok, so my dream was really lame...i was trying to connect...so sue me...now who's the douche??

tina/kara's cyber friend in florida


Hi! I lost your link, then found it and AAACKK, Chris Klein's interview made my girlie parts shoot sparks of feminine rage! AAACK! Why are we still calling him an actor, because clearly he thought Election and American Pie were documentaries. Remember the part in AP when he was in the car with the college girl and he told her to blow him? I think that was actually the camera crew eavesdropping on his date.


It's an amazing example of utter toolery isn't it? What a maroon.

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