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November 21, 2005


Amy C

This is fabulous! I have been readig your site for a few months and really love it. Thank YOU for sharing.


yay! now i can remember what happened! thank god someone was taking notes (the coffee truly sucked and the pee?! it was amazing!!!) damn the whole thing was so cool! you guys were awesome. i am so happy i got to be there and see that little (HUGE) alien slither (POP) out of you! it was such an honor, really. i am truly blessed... *snort* okay, sorry for that last bit. but really, thank you for letting me be a part of it. i love you three so much!!!

and i love stories that feature me. can we have more of those (with more pictures of me, too)?


I accidentally came across this when searching something about NYU Downtown... Dr. Halpern is my Doctor and I am not due for a while. I love your story!! Thanks for sharing it!!

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