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October 31, 2005


sarah burdell


you have more than six readers. i know this because at my office (again, mom/ kid ad agency), i have introduced certain several people to your blog. and i check it every day. so when my coworkers come up and ask me why there has not been a 'recent' post (thinking i will know WHY? WHY NOT?!), i can offer them the only reason i can think of:

she's raising a son and she's probably writing a book. the blog takes a backseat. priorities. like putting those do-hickies into the electrical sockets so Lowell doesn't put any of *his* do-hickies into an electrical socket.

just know that you have avid readers, fans of the like, that miss the part of their day when someone puts into honest words how wonderful/ terrifying/ exhilarating it is to be a parent.

keep on keepin' on.

**p.s.- i am not your sister. i was put in charge of making Owen & Olivia's Halloween costumes this year (Owen = Charlie Brown, Liv = Snoopy). everything was going smoothly tonite with the kids in full regale, until my brother in law got pricked by a STRAIGHT PIN I HAD LEFT IN OLIVIA'S SNOOPY HOOD. oh no wait- make that SIX straight pins i had left in after sewing my mistake. luckily she did not get pricked. i may never live it down. which is why next year i will back off of 'original' costuming and go for 'store bought' instead. worst you get at the store is sticker shock. not a PRICK. (depending on where you shop, of course.)

best, happy halloween,


Aw shucks sarah - that's great to know. And yeah, i'm writing a book, yeaaah, that's what I'm doing... (ps. i am not kara either - i done bought Lowell's costume. Spending money is my talent).


I got the spending money genes too Alana...Aidan went as Bob the Builder which was more money than polyester and plastic should ever cost; Aidan needs to accept the fact that he will never be the kid with the most creative costume, unless I steal Kara and beg her to help me for Halloween some year.

I never thought I could be addicted to a blog, but I am...I am sad when there is no new update. I always wait to check it until I am having an awful moment at work and the mere thought that a new entry may be waiting for me brings sheer joy. I can't believe Lowell is walking. I also can't believe that in 20 short days, he will be one. You will soon be the mother of a one year old.


I love you lea - please send bob the builder pics immediately.


i am not kara either. my kids were darth vader and a zombie. my husband was princess lea. kara would never let that kind of thing happen.


mmmm...paint chips...


Beware. All stuffed childrens' toys are full of the tiny one-block size Legos, paint chips, dog hair and bottle caps. Or at least that's my excuse for constantly finding these items in my kids' hands and mouths.

PS: I'm a new reader, and lovin' it!

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