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August 06, 2005


Fred Abramson

And I thought Matthew was THE creative writer in this marriage. You keep putting such charming items on your site that I hardly need to read literatue any more. Keep them coming!

Funny, you didn't like Closer and I did. Judy had to pretty much drag me to se a Julia Roberts movie, so my expectations were limited. Yet, I was impressed. I found the script very appealing. The central dichotomy about truth (everyone believes in it, but not everyone welcomes it) resonated, 'cause I'm a very straight shooter and enjoyed a dialog about the subject. Again, in contrast to you, I liked Natalie as a stripper, mainly because it WAS so out of character I had to recalibrate my actor expectations, but I didn't find Clive appealing enough to be worth everyone else's troubles making him happy. So, there you are!

I started to say I hope the three of you are doing well, but your blogs continue to inform us of your status. Your food co-op story is hilarious. I couldn't deal with such a group of self-important idiots.


Oh Fred... flattery will get you everywhere. I am surprised that you don't find Clive Owen appealing but to each his own I guess. ;)

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