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June 21, 2005



I do say, Martin sounds like a fine chap. Slept in? Homemade cards? Brunch? And a nap to boot? You spendthrift! A lavish Sunday boon, I do say so myself. I am confident Marvin appreciated the generous repose more than the slurred words of the deprived can express. When I was a Lilliputian, my daddy used to sit me down on his sullied knickers and say to me, "Nigel, sleep is like cheese, so if you don’t shut the fuck up I will be motivated to weld your moth shut." Mean chap, daddy could be at times. Mean, but wise. Wise like cheese.

Good show, Melvin. Keep up the solid work.


Hi Nigel, I do hope that "sullied knickers" was a typo and you meant "sullied trousers." Hmmm? And no more stuff about spunky fannies or you'll be banned. ;)


I do say, young lady, I've never, ever been treated with such....do I dare say it? Beastliness! Well, that is not entirely true. Once I experienced the beastlieness, but I paid 30 pounds for it and had to submit an erroneous claim to my insurer. Ghastly memory. You watch yourself young lady.


someone please comment and put an end to this nonsense!!

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