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May 13, 2005


sarah burdell


i'm assuming kara told you, but i'm now working with cheryl meininger at my new job. she has seen and loves your blog!
you may have also noticed you have more people coming to visit your site. i have told no less than 15 people about it- moms, friends, you name it. (you do all the work- i get recognition for turning them onto it. must be what it's like to be an agent to a successful Hollywood A-lister...)
again, your posts are great and while i personally enjoy them, the people at the agency really love the insider info on what it's like to be a new (great!) mom, since we cater to moms and their kids.
thanks again & keep up the blog. they truly make me smile, and if i had to pick my top 3 posts, i would be hard pressed to do so.

(oh yeah, and kara- you don't call enough. note to self: i'd better make my personal life more interesting.)



hey. you're not supposed to post messages to me, sarah. and i know i don't call enough. ask anyone. except alana. i call her too much.


Thanks Sara! You are my entire PR team because I haven't done shite. And thanks for the kind words. Mainly i think i am total loser for most of the stuff that i post but it's fun. Say hey to cheryl for me - that is so cool.


kara- bite me.

alana- you keep writing, we'll keep reading!

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