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May 08, 2005



I do say. It brings a tasty smile to my delicately pasty visage, your use of the word "fortnight." You Americans, while usually capable of only a slight tickling of my idiomatic ha ha bone, are still, as Lord Hughford wrote is his incendiary biography "Betwix the Apples", good for an unpredictable, jolly waggish time. I do say, Alana, good show!



happy mothers day a little belated. :-) and in regards to breast feeding... We men love to breast feed.....oh you mean breast feed the baby ;-)


*sniff* i get all misty-eyed even thinking about it...that's m'boy!

happy first mother's day!!! you are doing an awesome job:) lowell is perfect.



and just ignore my husband. he is hard-wired and i don't have the right tools.

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