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April 28, 2005



bring him down to boot camp. we'll get it all straightened out...


That would require traveling which we won't be doing again, ever. You are welcome to come up and do your Scary Poppins act any time tho...


I do say! With my first child, Gerard, my wife Eunice and I simply bound him in soft strips of Mousseline de Soie  (I do say, snuggly soft), read him a Mr. Woodhouse story (the one where Jeeves goes to hospital in his cheese knickers), and had a delightfully dry Manzanilla sherry in the garden. Might my experience and wisdow come in handy ladies, consider it a gift for allowing me to read such a jolly entertaining blog.


Hey there! I'm friends with Sarah and Jen Burdell, and Sarah told me about your site. It's fabulous! I have a 15-month old little boy, and we went through some of the same sleep issues you're going through.

So, as I'm sure your sister has told you, Lowell will get past this phase (hopefully sooner rather than later!). There is light at the end of the tunnel (how cliche), and there will actually be a time when you'll forget how much the sleep deprivation period sucked. I promise.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your life. It's been great to reminisce about the days when we were worried about sleep patterns, traveling with baby and the like. Now, we worry about other things, like how to keep him from eating grass!


Thanks for commenting Susan - welcome! I'm so glad you like the site.

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