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March 22, 2005



wow, neat story! :-) by the way, i'm terri...i live in vabeach. your awesome sis kara linked me to your site and i've enjoyed reading it and keeping up with the lowell pics. he's so adorable! take care!


Today's entry brought all of it back, both the pain and the joy of those times. You are an amazing writer. By the way, I got mocked about Cats for years too.
I'm listening to Bobby Short loves Cole Porter as we speak. Rest in peace, Bobby.


Thanks Mom. Greetings Terri - thanks for commenting!


hadn't checked letter b since mid feb. alana, you're a marvelous writer and i appreciate all the sharing. xxx


I was lucky enough to catch Bobby Short just last November and I find it hard to believe a man with who exuded so much life could fall silent. I still laugh whenever I think of him at the piano, big eyes wide, smile lighting up the room, hands dancing over his head in a luminescent glow. A magical man.

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