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February 04, 2005



just caught up on your input today...hadn't read it since my last comment. i'm loving it, dear, aging/ageless daughter-in-law! i'm learning about you in ways that i haven't known before. i had a conversation this morning after my workout class with an exercise compadre that causes me to appreciate and love you even more. why? she asks! this lady has a horrific relationship with her d-in-law and my heart really aches for her. i told her how truly blessed i (we) feel that you and matthew 'found' each other and that you are now a part of our family. i told her how i look forward to our getting to know each other better, more intimately. i also told her i would do anything and everything needed to keep our relationship warm, loving and comfortable....qualities that she said her relationship lacked. so thank you, alana, for being in my life, our life, our family. may we grow OLD together.

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