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Welcome. My name is Alana and I have been working away at this blog for a few (hundred) years now. I'm a full-time mom of a preschooler boy and a toddler girl. When I started writing here we lived in NYC and planned on staying there for the rest of our lives. Then our building went condo. Now we live in a small house in a small town in the Hudson Valley. In past lives I have been a poet, a pr0nographer, an expat, a wahine, and a new media and ecommerce professional. You may be visiting here from Twitter where I write domestic satire within strict syllabic parameters as @momku. Welcome. Sorry about the long format and all the syllables over here. I also tweet as @LetterB.

Speaking of which, Letter B is from Sesame Street. It's a song sung by muppet beetles to the tune of "Let it Be." As a kid it was the first parody I ever got. The B stands for many things (like blog, brooklyn, baby, badonkadonk) but mostly it stands for the life plan version that I always seem to be following.